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Thursday, October 20
16:00- 17:40
Room 10
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C003 Myles Chan Polyhealth Specialists Hong Kong One access, one guide retrograde approach for an anomalous and calcified near total occlusion of RCA ostium.
C005 Chao Feng Lin MacKay Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. OCT-guided primary PCI: An ignored culprit lesion discovered by OCT!
C012 Ahmed Mohamed Kasem King Abdulaziz University Hospital Saudi Arabia Cardiogenic shock in STEMI: The Invincible Enemy DESPITE successful revascularization.
C019 Satoshi Higuchi Kyorin University Hospital Japan Paradoxical segmental abnormality after retrograde approach in the setting of acute coronary syndrome; importance to select the collateral channel
C028 Yoshihisa Kanaji Tsuchiura Kyodo General Hospital Japan Acute Myocardial Infarction and Left Main Coronary Artery Dissection Following Blunt Chest Trauma
C052 Erwin Mulia Sarawak Heart Centre Malaysia Defer Stenting Strategy of Primary PCI in Coronary Artery Ectasia Patient
C073 Taishi Miyata Himeji Cardiovascular Center Japan A case report of unstable angina possibly due to plaque hemorrhage. Multiple-modality analysis
C030 Naoki Hayakawa Asahi General Hospital Japan A Case of successful treatment of AMI with three vessel total occlusion using double guiding catheter and perfusion balloons against simultaneous stent thrombosis
Friday, October 21
Room 10
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C064 Akihiro Takasaki Matsusaka Central General Hospital Japan A case of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection complicated by dislodged stent
C091 Jeong-Hun Shin Hanyang University College of Medicine Korea A case of successful aspiration thrombectomy with intracoronary thrombolysis in an ectatic coronary artery following ST-elevation myocardial infarction
C095 Kensuke Fujioka Takaoka City Hospital Japan A case of STEMI with VT storm whose aberrant RCA complicated revascularization, survived by emergent PCI with PCPS and IABP
C099 Hideo Miura Nagano Chuo Hospital Japan A case transferred Severe Heart Failure Patient Equiped PCPS and IABP with AMI by LMT occurusion after PCI and inferior OMI to University Hospital by helicopter
C100 Takuya Isojima Nara Medical University Japan A case of left main coronary artery embolism: observation with OCT
C104 You-Chun Huang Sijhih Cathay General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. Friend or foe ? Thrombus in myocardial infarction
C107 Amr Hassan Muscat Private Hospital Oman Acute coronary syndrome and spontaneous coronay dissection
C134 Takushi Sugiyama Okinawa Chubu Hospital Japan Acute anterior myocardial infarction (AMI) complicated with ventricular fibrillation (VF) during coronary intervention, due to newly development and extension of a thrombus to the left main trunk (LMT) and left circumflex (LCX) artery successfully treated with aspiration thrombectomy device (Dio) under percutaneous cardiopulmonary support (PCPS) .
C138 Wook Bum Pyun Ewha Womans University, Mokdong Hospital Korea Delayed total occlusion of non-infarction related lesion of same artery in ST elevation myocardial infarction
Thursday, October 20
14:30- 15:40
Room 10
Calcified lesion 1
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C011 Sze Wah Lai Kwong Wah Hospital Hong Kong Two simultaneous PCI complications in a tortuous calcified right coronary artery
C017 Chi Yen Voon Sarawak Heart Centre Malaysia Balloon angioplasty in heavily calcified and subtotal-occluded long diffuse lesions
C043 Min-I Su Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch Taiwan, R.O.C. Neither Rotational Atherectomy or Cutting Balloon Angioplasty is dispensable for heavily calcified lesions
C046 Daisuke Miyawaki Nantan General Hospital Japan Seesaw double GuideLiner catheter technique for effective bail-out procedure from blow-out type coronary perforation
C048 Chung-Wei Cheng Mackay Memorial hospital Tamsui Branch Taiwan, R.O.C. Between a rock and a wall
C054 Ramesh Kawar Bombay Hospital India Calcified Lesion・POST CABG Intervention
C058 Kei Yamamoto Saitama Medical Center, Jichi Medical University Japan A Case of Severely Calcified Neoatherosclerosis in Paclitaxel Eluting Stent
Friday, October 21
Room 10
Calcified lesion 2
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C068 Jyh Kae Chia Chi Mei Medical Center, Liouying Taiwan, R.O.C. IVUS Guided PCI for Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease complicated with Device-uncrossible Lesion
C080 Wei-Chun Huang Koaohsiung Veterans General Hospital,Fooyin University, National Yang Ming University Taiwan, R.O.C. The Application of BioResorbable Vascular Scaffolds in a severe Calcified CTO Lesion in a patient with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease
C086 Michiya Kageyama Japanese Red Cross Nasu Hospital Japan A case that performed PCI to the heavy calcified and bending lesion of 20 years after CABG
C098 Takashi Suzuki Kin-ikyo Chuo Hospital Japan Successful retrieve of fractured RotaWire through calcified lesion which RotaBurr could not pass
C101 Tomohiko Sato New Tokyo Hospital Japan Stent under-expanded lesion with napkin-ring calcification was successfully expanded by expanding the neighbouring portion.
C120 Kalaichelvan Uthayakumaran The Madras Medical Mission India PCI of chronic calcific total occlusion of RCA with poor visible collaterals
Thursday, October 20
16:00- 17:40
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C002 Victoria Martin yuste Hospital Clinic Barcelona Spain Avoid surgery or overtreatment in three vessel disease: False positive results of the functional evaluation in intermediate lesions on the donor artery in case of CTO
C008 Mitsunobu Kaneko Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital Japan A rare case of stent fracture combined with coronary artery aneurysm that may induced coronary artery total occlusion.
C014 Keisuke Nakabayashi Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital Japan The use of cutting balloon in contemporary reverse controlled antegrade and retrograde subintimal tracking (reverse CART) technique
C015 Chong-Hiok Tan Mount Elizabeth Hospital/Changi General Hospital Singapore The use of double lumen catheter with double wire for crossing tortuous epicardial collateral for retrograde treatment of Chronic Total Occlusion
C016 Kensuke Ohe St. Mary's Hospital Japan Successful antegrade penetration of the LAD CTO using with Conquest Pro 40 wire.
C038 John Jose Erungaren Christian Medical College Hospital Vellore India Retrograde recanalisation through epicardial collaterals utilising combined radial-femoral access in a symptomatic post CABG patient with occluded venous grafts
C044 Yoshihiro Kotono Yawata Medical Center Japan A RCA-CTO case we couldn't insert guiding catheter, because of anomalous origin and ostial stenosis.
C045 Abdul Muizz Abd Malek Hospital Serdang Malaysia Chronic total occlusion PCI with anchored balloon technique
C093 Kaname Takizawa JCHO Sendai Hospital Japan Retrograde approach of chronic total occlusion at right coronary artery after graft failure
Friday, October 21
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C053 Feng Yu Kuo Veterans General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. How Can I Reach My Target ? Difficult LAD Ostial CTO Without Stump
C059 Yoshinori Shimooka Hokushin-kai Megumino hospital Japan A case of CTO that retrograde approach was not available by the coronary spasm.
C062 Taro Shibasaki Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital Japan A successful case of CTO after CABG with a long tortuous retrograde route by using Glidesheath Slender
C066 Toru Geshi Hikone Municipal Hospital Japan A case of chronic total occlusion with a giant coronary aneurysm due to Kawasaki disease who was successfully treated with a PTFE covered stent
C070 Hitoshi Kamiunten Oita Prefectural Hospital Japan Our first attempt for retrograde CTO PCI~Careful preparations and some good luck led to a success~
Friday, October 21
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C037 Subhrangshu Dey Christian Medical College, Dr MGR Medical University India PCI of chronic total occlusion of saphenous venous graft to LAD
C077 Hideki Nishimura Eiju General Hospital Japan A successful case of acute myocardial infarction of donor artery involving widespread myocardial ischemia with jeopardized artery
C082 Cheng-Chung Hung Kaohsiung Veteran General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. Application of BVS in a RCA CTO lesion
C088 Takahide Kodama Toranomon Hospital Japan Efficacy of cutting balloon angioplasty for subintimal hematoma which was made by reverse CART technique for long-calcified RCA CTO lesion.
C106 Dharmaraj Karthikesan Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Malaysia A challenging case of chronic total occlusion intervention within a maze of bridging collateral vessels
Saturday, October 22
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C090 Kyounghoon Lee Gil Medical Center, Gachon University Japan Chronic total occlustion intervention of original artery after short-term bypass graft failure in patient with low ejection fraction
C109 Balaji Pakshirajan The Madras Medical Mission India Antegrade CTO intervention
C110 Hiroki Shibutani Saiseikai Izuo Hospital Japan Successful Revascularization of RCA CTO lesion by the tip injection from AC channel
C119 K Latchumanadhas Madras Medical Mission India Chronic total Occlusion of Right Coronary Artery
C122 Bong-Joon Kim Kosin University Gospel Hospital Korea What is the best approach for LAD CTO lesion?
C123 Motosu Ando Okamura Memorial Hospital Japan A successful case of RCA CTO with heavily calcified lesion needed rotational atherectomy and bail out stenting for the aortocoronary dissection
C124 Jeet Ram Kashyap Government Medical College & Hospital India RCA and LAD CTO revascularization along with Left main Bifurcation stenting
C126 Soichiro Enomoto Tenri Hospital Japan Successful retrograde chronic total occlusion recanalization of diffuse atherosclerotic left anterior descending artery in a young man with familial hypercholesterolemia
C127 Yasutaka Shirasaki Shirasaki Clinic Heart Center Japan A Case of Severely Calcified and torturous CTO of RCA with complication of septal perforation using Reverse CART technique.
C132 Taro Ichise Takaoka Municipal Hospital Japan Atrial branch perforation into right atrium during chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention
C139 Emile Parapat Binawaluya Cardiac Hospital Indonesia Dual Supply Collateral Channel Perforation: the Omen of Retrograde CTO PCI
Saturday, October 22
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C013 Ho Lam Tuen Mun Hospital Hong Kong Complex Left main lesions meet with RCA STEMI
C023 Toru Tagashira Kita-harima Medical Center Japan Jailed Balloon Technique during Primary Percutaneous Intervention for Left Main Trunk Bifurcation Occlusion Complicated by Cardiogenic Shock
C027 Huang Po-Yen Chi-Mei Medical Center, Liouying division Taiwan, R.O.C. Intervention of a critical left main ostium stenosis almost without catheter support
C039 Kunal Gururani Christian Medical College Hospital Vellore India Integrated use of fractional flow reserve and optical coherence tomography for complex left main bifurcation PCI by trans-radial approach
C074 Hseng Long Yeh Sijhih Cathay General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. The Idea of Paclitaxel Drug-Coated Balloons Therapy In De Novo Left Main Coronary Artery Lesion
C117 Tatsuki Doijiri Yamato-seiwa Hospital Japan A case of CTO confined to LMT using Reverse wire technique
C125 Makoto Furugen Miyazaki Medical Association Hospital Japan An Effective Strategy of Using Distal Protection Devices during Coronary Intervention of Left Main Trunk
C129 Taek-Geun Kwon Konyang University Hospital Korea Development of Complete Heart Block Just After Successful PCI for Left Main Bifurcating Lesion
Thursday, October 20
Room 12
Long, diffused lesion, small vessel/Ostial & bifurcation lesion
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C135 I-Fan Liu Cheng-Hsin General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. Complex coronary intervention for severe multivessel coronary artery disease
C007 Fa-Chang Yu MacKay Memory Hospital, Taipei branch Taiwan, R.O.C. An Experience of Bioresorbable Scaffolds in Short LM with Bifurcation Lesion and Myocardial Bridge
C024 Wei-Chieh Lee Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. Coronary Artery Perforation and Acute Scaffold Thrombosis after Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold implantation for calcified lesion
C078 Gwang Sil Kim Yongin Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine Korea Repetitive restenosis of left circumflex ostium after stent implantation at proximal left anterior descending artery
C092 Kohei Yamawaki Kita-Harima Medical Center Japan Combination of Scoring Balloon Pretreatment and Modified Jailed Balloon Technique for Complex Bifurcation Lesion
C094 Masayuki Sakurai Ootakanomori Hospital Japan The unexpected stenting at the RCA true bifurcation lesion
C121 Donghyun Park Kosin University Gospel Hospital Korea Discrepancy between Nicorandil and Adenosine as hyperemic agent ( FFR and OCT guided PCI )
C128 Cai De Jin Dong-A University Hospital Korea A case of bifurcation stent distortion due to wrong guidewire course corrected by crusade-guided rewiring
C136 Yasuo Tokoro Shin-kuki General Hospital Japan Bail out for Ccomplication of LMT culotte stent with fragment stent delivery shaft.
C063 Hongbing Yan Fuwai Hospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases People's Republic of China Retreat Guiding Wire Lead To Deformation Of Right Coronary Artery Stents
Friday, October 21
Room 12
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C029 Kazuhiro Yajima Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Hospital Japan OCT findings of a case with repeated in-stent restenosis
C065 Sang Min Park Hallym University Medical Center Korea IVUS Guided PCI at Various and Complex Typed Stent Failure of the Proximal LAD with Very Long length
C072 Shu-Hao Wu MacKay Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. New Era, New Challenge
C079 Pak Hei Michael Chan The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Successful retrieval of a coronary stent caught at the coronary ostium
C096 Seigo Arima Jichi Medical University Japan OCT-Defined Characteristics of Neointimal Tissue of In-Stent Restenosis of Everolimus-Eluting Stent
C102 Toshikazu Kono JA Toride Medical Center Japan Acute myocardial infarction with simultaneous occlusion of right and high lateral coronary arteries probably due to VLST of SES.
C105 Masayuki Nakagawa Kita-Harima Medical Center Japan Efficacy of Combination of Low-Speed Rotational Atherectomy and Drug-Coated Balloon for Refrectory In-Stent Restenosis: A Case Report
C111 Daiki Fukunaga Kyoto Okamoto Memorial Hospital Japan The patient who required tough interventional management having heparin-induced thrombocytopenia resulted in repeated re-occlusive clinical outcomes.
C116 Asha Mahilmaran Apollo hospitals India Stent within stent restenosis tackled by drug eluting balloon
Thursday, October 20
8:30- 9:50
Room 12
Others 1
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C006 Lal Daga Fortis Escorts Heart Research Institute India LIMA-LAD INTERVENTION : A Challenging case scenario
C009 Samruay Kridkratoke Buddhachinaraj Hospital Thailand Iatrogenic aortocoronary dissection... Once is more than enough
C010 Kwok Tung Ho Yan Chai Hospital Hong Kong Retrieve of a Dislodged Stent
C018 Sanjeev Naganur Fortis Hospital India Anything can happen during PCI.... Perforation in native coronary during SVG intervention..
C025 Cheuk Hang, Ivan Tsang Caritas Medical Centre Hong Kong Simple LAD stenting end up in rupture
C031 Szu-Chi Chien Changhua Christian Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. The nightmare of PCI - stent dislodgement and ostium dissection
C033 Kohei Kawamura Fukuyama City Hospital Japan A case of coronary artery dissection in super elderly
C097 Hiroki Watanabe Kyoto University Japan FFR evaluation of occluded LAD protected by the kinked RITA with normal flow.
Friday, October 21
Room 12
Others 2
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C036 Yasuhiro Kaetsu Kakogawa East City Hospital Japan A case of Ultimaster stent deformation and elongation by IVUS catheter entrapment
C040 Mitsunori Muto Kikuna Memorial Hospital Japan A LMT bifurcation case which had fallen into situations, that deflation of Scoreflex balloon was impossible, and the part of balloon was broken
C047 Ji-Yong Jang Konkuk University Chungju Hospital, Konkuk University College of Medicine. Korea A case of Non ST elevation myocardial infarction with diffuse coronary artery ectasia
C051 Chuan-Lei Chao Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch Taiwan, R.O.C. STEMI results from a spontaneous intramural hematoma after aortic valve replacement surgery.
C056 Zhe-Zhong Lin Chi Mei Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C. Aorto-Coroanry Dissection, or Not? Believe IVUS or OCT?
C069 Masanori Teramura Ichinomiya Nishi Hospital Japan A case of bail-out PCI using a covered stent for coronary dissection of LAD
Friday, October 21
Room 12
Others 3
Submission No. Name Affiliation Country Case Title
C075 Kang-Un Choi Yeungnam University Hospital Korea Successful management of acute coronary syndrome patient with very tortuous aorta and subclavian artery : What is best supporting capacity?
C076 Hiroaki Matsuda Otsu Red Cross Hospital Japan Usefulness of the guidewire device “Wiggle” for stent delivery over severe tortuous “double-loop” right coronary artery
C083 Yousuke Taniguchi Saitama Medical Center, Jichi Medical University Japan Intravascular ultrasound observation of stent deformation and an obstruction of the left coronary artery caused by a biological valve edge after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (trans apical approach)
C084 Takuya Tsujimura Kansai Rosai Hospital Japan A Case Complicated with Intravascular Ultrasound Catheter Entrapment after Coronary Artery Stenting
C103 Anwar Ibrahim Khan Global Hospital India A Case of Coronary Perforation Followed by Massive Thrombotic Occlusion
C131 Sadamitsu Ichijo Tsuchiura Kyodo General Hospital Japan Examinations of coronary plaques with Optical Coherence Tomography and Pathology Obtained by Directional Coronary Atherectomy
C133 Junya Seki Shiga Medical Center for Adults Japan A case of attempt to repair the crushed stent caused by balloon stuck and stent deformation due to a severe calcified lesion of RCA
C060 Hongbing Yan Fuwai Hospital People's Republic of China Stents Damage Caused by Guide Wire

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