Call for Abstracts & Cases: Poster Session
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Accepted abstracts are listed below.

Please refer to your Abstract Submission Number for confirmation.

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Registration & Hotel

Poster presenters are required to register for CCT2016.

Please make registration from the following page.


Please arrange transportation and accommodation by yourself and pay at your own expense.

[Hotel arrangement]

Presentation Schedule
Poster presentation

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)


We kindly ask all speakers at CCT2016 except for co-sponsored sessions to include a self-disclosure of the state of conflict of interest in your first slide or in the last page of your poster. The disclosure of the state of conflict should be made by downloading the disclosure template below and insert it in a prescribed position.

Please note that all speakers are required to make the disclosure regardless whether or not there is a state of conflict of interest. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Download the template here:

  1. Posting & Removal

    Location (Peripheral): Poster booth II, III, IV (Kobe International Exhibition Hall1 1F)

    Posting period: 8:00- 10:00
    Removal: 16:30-17:30

    • On the day of your presentation, please post and remove your posters during the periods shown above.
    • Presenters are requested to come to Poster Session Desk in front of poster booths and stand-by in front of the panel 10min. before the session begins.
    • Posters that are left on the panel after the removal time will be removed and kept at the CCT Secretariat during the Live Course.
    • Posters will be disposed after the Live Course.

  2. Allocated Time For Presentation

    Oral presentation 10 min. Q&A 5 min.
    *Please proceed your presentation under instruction of session chairs.
  3. Language

    Poster: English
    Presentation: English / Japanese
  4. Poster Posting
    • Size of panel: W90cm, H180cm
    • Poster numbers are prepared by the CCT Poster Session Desk.
    • Presenters are requested to prepare abstract title, institution, presenter's name, co-authors' institution and co-authors' name.
    • Push pins will be provided at the CCT Poster Session Desk.
To chairs
  • Please finish registration at Poster Session Desk in front of the booths 10min. before the session begins and stand-by in front of the panel.
  • Chairs are requested to start sessions as scheduled.
  • It is essential that presentations do not run overtime. (Oral presentation 10min. Q&A 5min.)

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CCT Administration Office
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