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Junuary 20. 2017

Call for cases has started!

Call for Cases

September 26, 2016


First Announcement is now available!


The 17th CTO Club has successfully finished.
Thank you very much for everyone who attended and helped the 17th CTO Club.
We look forward to seeing you again in Nagoya in 2017!

Course Objective

Chronic total coronary occlusion (CTO) had been well known as one of the unsolved problems in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) because of its technical difficulty and lower procedural success rate. In recent years, CTO PCI has made remarkable progress by introduction of new CTO devices and techniques. As a result, success rate of CTO PCI is improved and CTO PCI has been attempted widely all over the world. However, CTO PCI is not simple and easy yet because CTO PCI is much more complex procedure compared with non CTO PCI. To get high success rate of CTO PCI, it is necessary to learn various strategies and a lot of peculiar techniques for CTO PCI.

CTO Club has been held for about 20 years to discuss the best strategy and procedure for CTO PCI. In the 18th CTO Club in 2017, live demonstrations by Japanese CTO experts, antegrade summit and retrograde summit will be planned same as previous meetings. Live demonstrations by Japanese experts will demonstrate outstanding strategies and procedural details. Antegrade summit and retrograde summit will provide the latest knowledge of each approach. All sessions will be composed of not only Japanese experts but also overseas experts to discuss CTO PCI in a global viewpoint. We are convinced that this meeting can offer useful information to all participants. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 18th CTO Club in 2017.

Yuji Hamazaki
The 18th CTO Club Representative Course Director


Course Directors:

Yasushi Asakura (Hakujikai Memorial Hospital)

Yuji Hamazaki (School of Medicine, Showa University)

Yasumi Igarashi (Tokeidai Memorial Hospital)

Eisho Kyo (Kusatsu Heart Center)

Masahiko Ochiai (Showa University, Northern Yokohama Hospital)

Satoru Otsuji (Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital)

Etsuo Tsuchikane (Toyohashi Heart Center)

Kinzo Ueda (Rakuwakai Marutamachi Hospital)

Masahisa Yamane (Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital)

Honorary Co-Directors:

Osamu Katoh

Takahiko Suzuki (Toyohashi Heart Center)


Under Construction


Click the image to download a latest program(PDF).

Update: September 26, 2016

Call for cases

Case Competition “My longest procedure in CTO PCI”

Submission period: Friday, January 20 - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Among submitted cases, four exemplary cases will be selected as "oral presentation" at the Case Competition, and other cases with honorable mention will be selected as "poster presentation" during the 18th CTO Club. The best case of the Case Competition will receive an award and the presenter will be invited to be a CTO Club faculty member in 2018.

*Free registration for case presenters.

*Cases can be submitted in English or Japanese.


Pre-registration period: Wednesday, March 1 - Friday, May 12, 2017

  Pre-registration fee
On-site registration fee
Medical 20,000 (2-day ticket) 25,000 (2-day ticket)
Co-medical 2,000 (2-day ticket) 3,000 (2-day ticket)
Industry 20,000 (2-day ticket) 25,000 (2-day ticket)
*After the pre-registration deadline, you can make online registration with on-site registration fee.


Under Construction

Future Meetings

CTO Club

The 19th CTO Club in 2018

June 15 Fri. - 16 Sat. 2018

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Website: http://cct.gr.jp/


October 26 Thu.- 28 Sat. 2017
Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Portopia Hotel