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March 15, 2017

Case Submission is now closed. Thank you for your active submissions.

March 1. 2017

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February 9, 2017


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The 17th CTO Club has successfully finished.
Thank you very much for everyone who attended and helped the 17th CTO Club.
We look forward to seeing you again in Nagoya in 2017!

Course Objective

Chronic total coronary occlusion (CTO) had been well known as one of the unsolved problems in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) because of its technical difficulty and lower procedural success rate. In recent years, CTO PCI has made remarkable progress by introduction of new CTO devices and techniques. As a result, success rate of CTO PCI is improved and CTO PCI has been attempted widely all over the world. However, CTO PCI is not simple and easy yet because CTO PCI is much more complex procedure compared with non CTO PCI. To get high success rate of CTO PCI, it is necessary to learn various strategies and a lot of peculiar techniques for CTO PCI.

CTO Club has been held for about 20 years to discuss the best strategy and procedure for CTO PCI. In the 18th CTO Club in 2017, live demonstrations by Japanese CTO experts, antegrade summit and retrograde summit will be planned same as previous meetings. Live demonstrations by Japanese experts will demonstrate outstanding strategies and procedural details. Antegrade summit and retrograde summit will provide the latest knowledge of each approach. All sessions will be composed of not only Japanese experts but also overseas experts to discuss CTO PCI in a global viewpoint. We are convinced that this meeting can offer useful information to all participants. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 18th CTO Club in 2017.

Yuji Hamazaki
The 18th CTO Club Representative Course Director


Course Directors:

Yasushi Asakura (Hakujikai Memorial Hospital)

Yuji Hamazaki (School of Medicine, Showa University)

Yasumi Igarashi (Tokeidai Memorial Hospital)

Eisho Kyo (Kusatsu Heart Center)

Kenya Nasu (Toyohashi Heart Center)

Masahiko Ochiai (Showa University, Northern Yokohama Hospital)

Satoru Otsuji (Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital)

Etsuo Tsuchikane (Toyohashi Heart Center)

Takafumi Tsuji (Kusatsu Heart Center)

Kinzo Ueda (Rakuwakai Marutamachi Hospital)

Masahisa Yamane (Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital)

Honorary Co-Directors:

Osamu Katoh

Takahiko Suzuki (Toyohashi Heart Center)


International Faculty

Ji Yan Chen (Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, People's Republic of China)

Alfredo R. Galassi (Cannizzaro Hospital, University of Catania, Italy)

Junbo Ge (Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, People's Republic of China)

Lei Ge (Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, People's Republic of China)

Scott Harding (Wellington Hospital, New Zealand)

I-Chang Hsieh (Chang Gung Medical Foundation Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Yong Huo (First Hospital Peking University, People's Republic of China)

Yang-Soo Jang (Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Hospital, Korea)

Hsien-Li Kao (National Taiwan University Medical School & Hospital, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Hee Yeol Kim (The Catholic University of Korea, Bucheon St.Mary's Hospital, Korea)

Nae-Hee Lee (Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, Korea)

Seung-Whan Lee (Asan Medical Center , Korea)

Soo Teik Lim (National Heart Centre of Singapore, Singapore)

Shih-Chi Liu (Shin Kong Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Taiwan R.O.C.)

Sidney Tsz Ho Lo (Liverpool Hospital , Australia)

Ashwin B. Mehta (Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, India)

Jie Qian (Fu Wai Hospital , People's Republic of China)

Seung-Woon Rha (Cardiovascular Center, Korea University Guro Hospital , Korea)

Craig Thompson (Boston Scientific, USA)

Gerald S. Werner (Klinikum Darmstadt, Germany)

Eugene Brian Wu (Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University Hong Kong , Hong Kong)

Hongbing Yan (Cardiovascular Institute and Fu Wai Hospital, People's Republic of China)

Japanese Faculty

Jiro Ando (The University of Tokyo Hospital)

Kazuhiro Ashida (Seirei Yokohama Hospital)

Kenichi Fujii (Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital)

Shinya Fujita (Shizuoka Prefectural General Hospital)

Tsutomu Fujita (Sapporo Cardio Vascular Clinic)

Ichiro Hamanaka (Rakuwakai Marutamachi Hospital)

Keiichi Igarashi Hanaoka (Hanaoka Seishu Memorial Cardiovascular Hospital)

Hiroaki Hirase (Takaoka City Hospital)

Fumitaka Hosaka (Okamura Memorial Hospital)

Yoshiaki Ito (Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital)

Masashi Iwabuchi (University of the Ryukyus)

Hiroki Kamiya (Gifu Heart Center)

Kenji Kawajiri (Matsubara Tokushukai Hospital / Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital)

Tomohiro Kawasaki (Shin-Koga Hospital)

Nozomu Kawashima (Sapporo Medical Center NTT-EC)

Yoshihisa Kinoshita (Toyohashi Heart Center)

Tomoko Kobayashi (Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

Yuichi Kobori (Todachuo General Hospital)

Ryoji Koshida (Tokeidai Memorial Hospital)

Tetsuo Matsubara (Toyohashi Heart Center)

Susumu Matsuda (National Hospital Organization Hamada Medical Center)

Masatoshi Miyahara (Mie Heart Center)

Toshiya Muramatsu (Tokyo General Hospital)

Makoto Muto (Saitama Cardiovascular and Respiratory Center)

Wataru Nagamatsu (Hokusetsu General Hospital)

Masakazu Nagaoka (Ebina General Hospital)

Shigeru Nakamura (Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

Yasunori Nishida (Takai Hospital)

Yuichi Noguchi (Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital)

Yoichi Nozaki (Hokko Memorial Hospital)

Akitsugu Oida (Takase Clinic)

Yuji Oikawa (The Cardiovascular Institute)

Hisayuki Okada (Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital)

Masaharu Okada (Shiga Medical Center for Adults)

Atsunori Okamura (Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital)

Shinya Okazaki (Juntendo University)

Masaaki Okutsu (Kawasaki Medical School General Medical Center)

Hiroki Sakamoto (Shizuoka General Hospital)

Masami Sakurada (Tokorozawa Heart Center)

Yoshitane Seino (Hoshi General Hospital)

Makoto Sekiguchi (Fukaya Red Cross Hospital)

Takeshi Serikawa (Fukuoka Wajiro Hospital)

Yoshisato Shibata (Miyazaki Medical Association Hospital)

Kenichiro Shimoji (Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital)

Satoru Sumitsuji (Osaka University)

Tohru Takahashi (Iwate Prefectural Central Hospital)

Yoshihiro Takeda (Rinku General Medical Center)

Kaname Takizawa (JCHO Sendai Hospital)

Masaki Tanabe (Kyoto Okamoto Memorial Hospital)

Hiroyuki Tanaka (Kurashiki Central Hospital)

Yoshiki Uehara (Mito Brain Heart Center)

Junji Yajima (The Cardiovascular Institute Hospital)

Yoshito Yamamoto (Iwaki Kyouritsu General Hospital)

Yoshinori Yasaka (Himeji Cardiovascular Center)

Ryohei Yoshikawa (Sanda City Hospital)


Click the image to download a latest program(PDF).

Update: Fecruary 9, 2017

Call for cases

Case Competition “My longest procedure in CTO PCI”

Submission period: Friday, January 20 - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Case Submission is now closed. Thank you for your active submissions.

Among submitted cases, four exemplary cases will be selected as "oral presentation" at the Case Competition, and other cases with honorable mention will be selected as "poster presentation" during the 18th CTO Club. The best case of the Case Competition will receive an award and the presenter will be invited to be a CTO Club faculty member in 2018.

*Free registration for case presenters.

*Cases can be submitted in English or Japanese.


Pre-registration period: Wednesday, March 1 - Friday, May 12, 2017

*The 18th CTO Club is using a registration system of “Heartmeetings.com”.
You are required to create your user account at Heartmeetings.com in order to complete registration.

  Pre-registration fee (JPY) On-site registration fee (JPY)
Medical 20,000 (2-day ticket) 25,000 (2-day ticket)
Co-medical 2,000 (2-day ticket) 3,000 (2-day ticket)
Industry 20,000 (2-day ticket) 25,000 (2-day ticket)
*After the pre-registration deadline, you can make online registration with on-site registration fee.

Visa Information

You may be required a visa to enter Japan. It varies by nationality. Please contact your local embassy or consulate of Japan and process your visa if necessary. We recommend you to have enough time for the visa procedure. You could also obtain some information about the visa to enter Japan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Website (http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html).

Invitation Letter

You are requested to complete the registration first to obtain the letter of invitation.
It will be issued on request upon receipt of your payment for the 18th CTO Club pre-registration.
If you need the invitation letter and other documents for VISA application, please contact CTO Club Administration Office (cto@heartorg.gr.jp) by May 12. Please note that this letter of invitation does not commit CTO Club to any financial supports and being a guardian with regard to your attendance at the 18th CTO Club.


Contact: CTO Club Travel Desk
[Nippon Express Travel Co.,Ltd. Osaka Branch]

Tel: +81-6-6231-7581
1-1-6 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041 Japan
E-mail: mice-trv@nittsu.co.jp

Future Meetings

CTO Club

The 19th CTO Club in 2018

June 15 Fri. - 16 Sat. 2018

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Website: http://cct.gr.jp/


October 26 Thu.- 28 Sat. 2017
Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Portopia Hotel