Thank you very much for your help and attendance. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

Closing address from Dr. Yasumi Igarashi,
CCT2018 Representative Coronary Course Director.

CCT2018 Photos

CCT2018 Live videos and DICOM data

CCT Case Review Room

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Live videos and DICOM data from three of CCT2018 live transmission sites, the Cardiovascular Institute Hospital, Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital and Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital, are subject to upload on the
*Case treatment data of Tokeidai Memorial Hospital and Toyohashi Heart Center will not be released due to the incompletion of patient consent form regarding web uploading. は会員制のウェブサイトとなっております。初めてアクセスされる際には、無料の会員登録をお願いいたします。
CCT2018 のライブビデオ、DICOM公開対象施設は、心臓血管研究所付属病院、東宝塚さとう病院、桜橋渡辺病院の3病院です。

CCT2018 Final Program

Final Program

[Coronary] [Peripheral] [Surgical] [Structural Heart Diseases] [Co-medical]