CTO Club
June 19 fri. - 20 sat., 2020

Course Objective

The CTO Club in 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 infection that began in early 2020. Almost a year has passed, but the COVID-19 situation remains unpredictable, and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. However, academic conferences and live demonstrations are indispensable for the advancement and introduction of new PCI technology. For this reason, the CTO Club has decided to hold the CTO Club 2021 with the live demonstrations on June 11 and 12, 2021. With consideration to the situation of continued COVID-19 infections, we are planning to hold a hybrid-type conference: an online format for overseas and an online and offline (participatory) format for domestic participants.

The CTO Club has showed various innovative techniques and devices to overcome the complex CTO lesions for more than 20 years. Recently, the success rate of CTO PCI is over 90% according to data from the Japanese Expert Registry. The algorithm from the Asia Pacific CTO Club in order to treat CTO lesions has been commonly used and has been greatly contributing to standardize the CTO PCI procedures in many countries. As with the previous CTO Clubs, the 21st CTO Club in 2021 will also show the latest CTO expert's techniques and the new devices in the live demonstrations and share them all over the world. There will not only be the live demonstrations, but also educational sessions and joint sessions from other countries via online in order to find clues in solving the remaining current problems with CTO PCI.

The CTO Club will continue to strive to standardize the CTO PCI procedures and to contribute to the development of new techniques and devices to solve these remaining problems. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 21st CTO Club in 2021.


Course Directors

Yuji Hamazaki
Ootakanomori Hospital

Yasumi Igarashi
Sapporo-Kosei General Hospital

Wataru Nagamatsu
Hokusetsu General Hospital

Kenya Nasu
Toyohashi Heart Center

Yuji Oikawa
The Cardiovascular Institute

Atsunori Okamura
Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital

Hiroyuki Tanaka
Kurashiki Central Hospital

Etsuo Tsuchikane
Toyohashi Heart Center

Takafumi Tsuji
Kusatsu Heart Center

Junji Yajima
The Cardiovascular Institute

Ryohei Yoshikawa
Sanda City Hospital

International Course Directors

Emmanouil Brilakis
Minneapolis Heart Institute

Jiyan Chen
Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
[People’s Republic of China]

Scott Harding
Wellington Hospital
[New Zealand]

Paul Hsien-Li Kao
National Taiwan University Medical School & Hospital
[Taiwan, R.O.C.]

Kambis Mashayekhi
University Heartcenter Freiburg - Bad Krozingen

Eugene Brian Wu
Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University Hong Kong
[Hong Kong]

Honorary Co-directors

Yasushi Asakura
Hakujikai Memorial Hospital

Osamu Katoh

Eisho Kyo
Kusatsu Heart Center

Masahiko Ochiai
Showa University, Northern Yokohama Hospital

Satoru Otsuji
Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital

Takahiko Suzuki
Toyohashi Heart Center

Kinzo Ueda
Takase Clinic

Masahisa Yamane
Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital


Japanese Faculty

Jiro Ando
The University of Tokyo Hospital

Kazuhiro Ashida
Seirei Yokohama Hospital

Takenori Domei
Kokura Memorial Hospital

Kenichi Fujii
Kansai Medical University

Shinya Fujita
Kusatsu Heart Center

Maoto Habara
Toyohashi Heart Center

Ichiro Hamanaka
Rakuwakai Marutamachi Hospital

Katsuyuki Hasegawa
Higashi Takarazuka Satoh Hospital

Kiyoshi Hibi
Yokohama City University

Hiroaki Hirase
Takaoka Minami Heart Center

Fumitaka Hosaka
Okamura Memorial Hospital

Shingo Hosogi
Hosogi Hospital

Shozo Ishihara
Mimihara General Hospital

Yoshiaki Ito
Saiseikai Yokohama-City Eastern Hospital

Yoshifumi Kashima
Sapporo Cardio Vascular Clinic

Hiromasa Katoh
Fukui Prefectural Hospital

Kenji Kawajiri
Matsubara Tokushukai Hospital

Tomohiro Kawasaki
Shin-Koga Hospital

Nozomu Kawashima
Sapporo Orthopaedics and Cardiovascular Hospital

Yoshihisa Kinoshita
Toyohashi Heart Center

Tomoko Kobayashi
Kyoto Katsura Hospital

Yuichi Kobori
Toda Chuo General Hospital

Jumpei Koike
Kyoto Katsura Hospital

Hiroaki Matsuda
Nagoya Heart Center

Susumu Matsuda
National Hospital Organization Hamada Medical Center

Shunsuke Matsuno
The Cardiovascular Institute

Masatoshi Miyahara
Mie Heart Center

Makoto Muto
Saitama Prefectual Cardiovascular and Respiratory Center

Mitsunori Mutou
Kikuna Memorial Hospital

Hideki Nagaoka
Takase Clinic

Masakazu Nagaoka
Ebina General Hospital

Takeshi Niizeki
Okitama Public General Hospital

Yoichi Nozaki
Hokko Memorial Hospital

Hisayuki Okada
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

Masaharu Okada
Shiga General Hospital

Shinya Okazaki
Juntendo University School of Medicine

Masaaki Okutsu
New Tokyo Hospital

Hiroki Sakamoto
Shizuoka General Hospital

Yoshitane Seino
Public Onotown General Hospital

Makoto Sekiguchi
Fukaya Red Cross Hospital

Takeshi Serikawa
Fukuoka Wajiro Hospital

Kenichiro Shimoji
Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital

Satoru Sumitsuji
Osaka University

Takahide Suzuki
JA Hokkaido Asahikawa Kosei General Hospital

Yoriyasu Suzuki
Nagoya Heart Center

Tohru Takahashi
Akita Prefectural Hospital Organization Akita Cerebrospinal and Cardiovascular Center

Yoshihiro Takeda

Kaname Takizawa
JCHO Sendai Hospital

Masaki Tanabe
Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital

Yoshiki Uehara
Mito Brain-Heart Center


CTO Live Case Transmission

In the 21st CTO Club, our operators will demonstrate some exciting approaches by outlining every aspect of strategy and procedural detail from beginning to end. Please attend to learn tips and tricks from the experts!

Friday, June 11 Live Transmission Site: Ootakanomori Hospital
Operators: Yuji Hamazaki, Yasumi Igarashi, Shunsuke Matsuno, Takafumi Tsuji, Junji Yajima

Saturday, June 12 Live Transmission Site: Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital
Operators: Wataru Nagamatsu, Kenya Nasu, Atsunori Okamura, Ryohei Yoshikawa

Fireside Session: Proctorship Live

Friday, June 11 17:00-18:00

In this Proctorship Live demonstration, the less experienced physician will act as the first operator, while the expert physician will act as the second operator. The less experienced, younger physician, will of course have a strong desire to master CTO procedures and therefore will engage directly in the case. Meanwhile, the expert physician will remain close by to advise throughout the procedure. By having the younger physician engage directly in the procedure, he or she will be able to acquire the tips, tricks and techniques to complete the case successfully, and be educated on the common pitfalls unique to young operators. Our goal is to share CTO knowledge, and teach techniques for successfully completing complex CTO cases with high proficiency and safety.

Operator: Takeshi Niizeki
Supervisor: Etsuo Tsuchikane

Co-sponsored by: Boston Scientific Japan K.K.

Review the today's live cases

Friday, June 11 18:10-until tired

In this session, we will dig down into the much more detail of today's live cases through the discussion with panelists and participants to clarify the best strategy and procedure. Let's join this discussion and get the key to success of tomorrow's CTO-PCI.

Case Competition “My most impressive bailout case for complication in CTO PCI”

Saturday, June 12 9:00-10:10

Among submitted cases, four exemplary cases will be selected as "oral presentation" at the Case Competition and other cases with honorable mention will be selected as "online publication" during the 21st CTO Club. The best case of the Case Competition will receive an award and the presenter will be invited as a CTO Club faculty member in 2022.

K-CTO club @ CTO Club 2021

Saturday, June 12 10:20-11:50

In this session, we will focus on imaging devices of CTO-PCI and provide lectures as well as discussions by experts from Korea and Japan about practical use of coronary CT angiography and IVUS.

Call for Cases

Case Competition “My most impressive case in CTO PCI”

Accepted Abstracts

Case Competition
Date & Time: Saturday, June 12 9:00-10:10 (JST)
Channel: Educational Theater (Channel 2)
Reg. No. Name Institution Country Case Title
C001 Yutaka Yonezawa Dokkyo Medical University Hospital Japan A case of retrograde approach which was difficult to select the septal branch
C007 Takuma Tsuda Nagoya Ekisaikai Hospital Japan Complicated bail-out of RCA-CTO
C017 Yoshinori Tsubakimoto Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daini Hospital Japan A Case of severe calcified RCA-CTO recanalized by using IVUS-guided ADR technique
C019 Munenori Okubo Gifu Heart Center Japan Bail-out technique facing to compromise side branch due to hematoma
Online Publication
Dates: Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12
*Presentation by a pre-recorded presentation video on the CTO Club website.
Reg. No. Name Institution Country Case Title
C002 Masato Ishikawa Fujita Health University Hospital Japan A new CTO PCI methodology with Ante Owl IVUS called "Tip Detection Method"
C003 Kenichi Oota Tachibanadai Hospital Japan A 2V-CTO case was caused CHF
C005 Yasuaki Koga Oita Prefectural Hospital Japan Chronic Total Occlusion with a Giant Coronary Artery Aneurysm Treated With Stent-less Strategy Using Excimer Laser Coronary Angioplasty
C006 Kiwamu Sudo Kyoto Katsura Hospital Japan Successful antegrade procedure for retry RCA CTO
C008 Wirash Kehasukcharoen Central Chest Institute of Thailand Thailand A tale of two bridges - PCI to CTO using double retrograde channels
C010 Hetan C. Shah GSMC & KEM Hospital India Challanging case of bilateral CTO
C011 Isamu Fukuizumi Nippon Medical School Japan A case of  RCA-CTO with anomalous origin
C013 Sharath Reddy Medicover Hospitals India Pre-crux long RCA CTO with ambiguous course -Retrograde knuckle wiring with reverse CART
C020 Venkatesa Muni Reddy National Board of Examinations India Retrograde CTO Recanalization with Single Guide Catheter
C021 Yuki Tanaka Hokko Memorial Hospital Japan Ping-pong guide technique with Anteowl IVUS has efficacy for complex antegrade approach CTO intervention


Registration starts: Saturday, May 1, 2021

Medical JPY 10,000
Co-medical JPY  2,000
Industry JPY 10,000

*The 21st CTO Club is using a registration system of “Heartmeetings.com”.
You are required to create your user account at Heartmeetings.com in order to complete registration.

*The program video will be available on the CTO Club website for one month after the meeting. (Except for some programs.)

* Registration fees of Medical Intern and Student are free. Please send an e-mail to Administration Office ( cto@uproses.co.jp ) with the following information to make registration.
1) Name 2) Affiliation 3) Telephone Number 4) e-mail address
Please also attach a certificate or ID showing you are currently in the internship (4 years period) after graduation from medical school or studying at the school.

※開催後1か月間、プログラムを CTO Club ウェブサイト上でオンデマンド配信いたします。(一部プログラムを除く)

※研修医および学生の方の参加登録費は無料です。事務取扱( cto@uproses.co.jp )まで、①氏名 ②所属施設 ③連絡先電話番号 ④メールアドレスをご連絡ください。その際、学生の方は学生証を添付、研修医の方は研修医指導責任者の署名・捺印がある研修医証明書(参考雛形:PDF)を添付ください。

Future Meetings

CTO Club

The 21st CTO Club in 2021

June 11 Fri. - 12 Sat. 2021

The 22nd CTO Club in 2022

June 17 Fri. – 18 Sat., 2022

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

Website: https://cct.gr.jp/


October 28 Thu.- 30 Sat. 2021


October 27 Thu.- 29 Sat. 2022
Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Portopia Hotel