June 11, 2021

Key language of Channel 1 (Live Theater) is Japanese. Japanese ⇔ English simultaneous interpretation is available in all sessions.

 Morning Session: Live Case Pre-discussion Session

 07:50-08:25 (JST)

Chair: Hiroyuki Tanaka

Commentators: Maoto Habara, Jumpei Koike, Makoto Sekiguchi, Yoshihiro Takeda

We are going to discuss live case treatments of the day in the morning. Let's start your day by learning strategies and exchanging opinions about live cases of the day.

 CTO Live Case Transmission: Ootakanomori Hospital

Operators: Yuji Hamazaki, Shunsuke Matsuno

Imaging Commentators: Kiyoshi Hibi, Mitsunori Mutou

 Live Case Transmission 1

 08:30-10:25 (JST)

Chairs: Wataru Nagamatsu, Atsunori Okamura, Eugene Brian Wu

Supervisor: Masahisa Yamane

Commentators: Fumitaka Hosaka, Shozo Ishihara, Nozomu Kawashima, Susumu Matsuda, Masakazu Nagaoka, Hiroki Sakamoto, Jung Rae Cho, Seung Whan Lee

Mini Lecture: Utilization of Trinias for CTO PCI

Lecturer: Shozo Ishihara

Focus Live & Mini Lecture: Co-sponsored by SHIMADZU CORPORATION

 Live Case Transmission 2

 10:30-11:50 (JST)

Chairs: Yoshihisa Kinoshita, Ryohei Yoshikawa, Scott Harding

Supervisor: Yasushi Asakura

Commentators: Yoshiaki Ito, Masatoshi Miyahara, Yoichi Nozaki, Masaaki Okutsu, Kenichiro Shimoji, Masaki Tanabe, Kook-Jin Chun, Chang-Hwan Yoon

Mini Lecture: A New Balloon Catheter ASAHI Kamui XS (0.9 mm) -Overcome the issues of the small diameter balloon-

Lecturer: Maoto Habara

Focus Live: Co-sponsored by SHIMADZU CORPORATION
Mini Lecture: Co-sponsored by ASAHI INTECC., LTD

In the 21st CTO Club, our operators will demonstrate some exciting approaches by outlining every aspect of strategy and procedural detail from beginning to end. Please attend to learn tips and tricks from the experts!

 Luncheon Seminar

 12:00-13:00 (JST)

Messages from CTO Experts- Outcomes in the Real World and the Latest Stent -

Chair: Atsunori Okamura

"The New DES, XIENCE Skypoint™, Experience to Perform in the Real World"
Ryohei Yoshikawa
"Clinical Performance of the XIENCE™ Stent in CTO-PCI"
Yoshiaki Ito

Co-sponsored by: Abbott Medical Japan LLC

 CTO Live Case Transmission: Ootakanomori Hospital

Operators: Yasumi Igarashi, Junji Yajima, Takafumi Tsuji,

Imaging Commentators: Kiyoshi Hibi, Mitsunori Mutou

 Live Case Transmission 3

 13:10-14:55 (JST)

Chairs: Kenya Nasu, Yuji Oikawa

Supervisor: Satoru Otsuji

Commentators: Jiro Ando, Maoto Habara, Hiromasa Katoh, Takeshi Serikawa, Takahide Suzuki, Kaname Takizawa, Jae-Hwan Lee


 Live Case Transmission 4

 15:00-16:50 (JST)

Chairs: Tomohiro Kawasaki, Hiroyuki Tanaka

Supervisors: Takahiko Suzuki, Kinzo Ueda

Commentators: Kazuhiro Ashida, Katsuyuki Hasegawa, Shingo Hosogi, Kenji Kawajiri, Hideki Nagaoka, Masaharu Okada, Tohru Takahashi, Byeong-Keuk Kim, Cheol Woong Yu

Mini Lecture: The Present Position of “Resolute™-DES” in My Clinical Practice

Lecturer: Hiroaki Matsuda

Focus Live: Co-sponsored by SHIMADZU CORPORATION
Mini Lecture: Co-sponsored by Medtronic Japan Co., Ltd.

 Fireside Session: Proctorship Live

 17:00-18:00 (JST)

Operator: Takeshi Niizeki

Supervisor: Etsuo Tsuchikane

Chair: Atsunori Okamura

Commentators: Maoto Habara, Shingo Hosogi, Ken Ishibashi (Tsuchiya General Hospital, Japan)

Co-sponsored by: Boston Scientific Japan K.K.

In this Proctorship Live demonstration, the less experienced physician will act as the first operator, while the expert physician will act as the second operator. The less experienced, younger physician, will of course have a strong desire to master CTO procedures and therefore will engage directly in the case. Meanwhile, the expert physician will remain close by to advise throughout the procedure. By having the younger physician engage directly in the procedure, he or she will be able to acquire the tips, tricks and techniques to complete the case successfully, and be educated on the common pitfalls unique to young operators. Our goal is to share CTO knowledge, and teach techniques for successfully completing complex CTO cases with high proficiency and safety.

 Review the today's live cases

 18:10-20:10 (JST)

Chairs: Kenya Nasu, Kambis Mashayekhi

Discussers: Yoshiaki Ito, Tomohiro Kawasaki, Yuichi Kobori, Makoto Muto, Byeong-Keuk Kim

Presenters: Yuji Hamazaki, Shunsuke Matsuno, Takafumi Tsuji

In this session, we will dig down into the much more detail of today's live cases through the discussion with panelists and participants to clarify the best strategy and procedure. Let's join this discussion and get the key to success of tomorrow's CTO-PCI.

There are no programs scheduled for today.

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