First of all, thank you very much for your continuous understanding, cooperation and generous guidance to CCT’s activities. I would like to say a few words as the representative of CCT Supervisory Directors. This association has been in action on purpose of improving, promoting development and diffusing results of cardiovascular treatments. CCT, which was found in 2001, is in its 14th year, and it has grown to be considered one of the biggest live demonstration courses in Asia at present. Looking back at its historical changes, I think there was also a history of challenges in bringing innovation to interventions.

The spirit of CCT: Keep on challenging all the time - “Challenge and Innovation”

The concept of CCT is, as its name implies, how to confront against complications represented by CTO. It started as a challenge for 3 physicians still in their 30s in the 1980s. Each pioneer had their own personality and originality, and tackled issues that they believed were right with enthusiasm. With strong ambitions and an extreme desire of inquiry for new things, possessing powerful ability to create influences; it could be said that this force is the origin of CCT. “Challenge and Innovation” is the motto of CCT itself. No innovation is accomplished without challenges, and we always need a challenger in order to achieve an innovation. We, the challengers following this CCT motto, will eventually improve the present issues, because we believe this step is the true spirit of CCT.

The mission of CCT

A history started by a challenge has been passed down to us. In my opinion, to create new things at all times, to keep on proving its evolution, to have enthusiasm and originality towards the purpose, and to introduce an ambition of achieving innovation to as many people as possible, are my responsibilities and mission. Through CCT, I hope to increase the number of physicians who abolish an evidence and create a new one or aim to establish a new guideline. There are many limitations and oppressions in giving challenges. I would like to continue challenges which actually cross over guidelines.


To develop a new technique and prove it logically, we need to tackle with complications at all time, and after 20-something years, now the time has finally come to prove it worldwide. By deepening collaborations with countries of America, Europe and Asia so as to send messages from Japan to the world, CCT will continue to make efforts for endless challenges and innovations in future.

We very much appreciate for your continuous generous contribution from now on.
Thank you, and representing CCT, that is all of greetings.

Eisho Kyo
Chairman of the board of CCT Supervisory Directors