CCT 2004
   October 21(thu.)-23(sat.), 2004
    Kobe International Exhibition Hall
    Portopia Hotel

CCT 2005
  October 22(thu.)-24(sat.), 2005




Percutaneous coronary intervention now occupies a major role in the treatment of ischemic heart disease. Restenosis remains Intervention’s Achilles heel, but new approaches to stenting technique combined with the efficacy of radiation therapy for in-stent restenosis and the anti-restenotic properties of drug-eluting stents have enhanced the long-term effectiveness and reliability of interventional therapies across-the-board.

Advances in interventional devices have been startling, and these advances point the way towards two future paths for the clinical application of the newly available technologies. One is to use these devices for established best-practice intervention to intervene in the lesion ever more speedily and ever less invasively, with the increasing use of the radial approach for excellent stenting results being the obvious example. The other is to exploit these new devices to intervene in lesions that until now have been untreatable, all the time trying to guarantee higher and higher procedural success and safety rates, namely in intervention for chronic total occlusions and left main trunk disease. While decisions on how best to reflect technological advance in individual cases are the responsibility of the operator, this responsibility comes with the obligation for every operator to be armed with the widest possible array of treatment options and to bring the full range of a wealth of experience and expertise to bear on everyday practice. The non-invasive nature of coronary intervention gives it an enduring appeal over bypass surgery, which is not to denigrate bypass surgery, which has itself seen impressive advances, such as in the use of arterial grafts but the future will surely see these two strategies attaining ever higher levels of sophistication and advancing in tandem to provide ever better treatment for ischemic heart disease.

The CCT2003 will offer a significant forum for fully exploring the exciting realities of state-of-the-art coronary intervention, peripheral intervention and coronary bypass surgery and their application in “Real World” procedures. We look forward to seeing you there.
  CCT 2003 PROGRAM Final(2003.10.16)

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