In holding CCT2021

We are still in the global COVID-19 pandemic, and I believe that every day is a hard time lived for all medical professionals. Although the number of new COVID-19 cases in Japan is declining, the situation remains unpredictable. We should recognize that the number of new cases of coronary artery diseases is not decreasing even under these circumstances, and the total number of cardiovascular-related deaths is much higher than that of COVID-19-related deaths. Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, the catheter treatments for coronary artery diseases are advancing day by day, and new devices are developing continuously. Also, new physicians and medical staffs who aspire to do intervention are emerging every year. High-quality live demonstrations are expected to have a high educational effect, especially in the education system of interventionists and co-medical staffs, and the CCT live demonstrations focusing complex lesions are expected to be able to provide more information to them. It means a stagnation in the cardiovascular examination and treatment when missing the opportunities for enlightening of new devices and educating young physicians and new medical staffs by canceling live demonstrations.

For these reasons, we are convinced that it is our mission to hold CCT in the COVID-19 pandemic, as a place to provide information and to educate catheter treatment to participants, and we have decided to hold CCT2021 by taking countermeasures against COVID-19.

Of course, even after publishing this message, we may face unexpected situations. We are also considering responding flexibly by changing the program, etc. even just before the meeting. We would appreciate your cooperation.

Board Chairperson of the General Incorporated Association CCT
Junji Yajima (The Cardiovascular Institute Hospital)

 CCT2021 開催にあたり


COVID-19パンデミックにおいても、冠動脈疾患のカテーテル治療は日々進歩しており、新しいデバイスも次々と登場しています。また毎年新規のインターベンションを志す医師やスタッフも誕生しています。特にインターベンション医やコメディカルスタッフの教育システムの中で、質の高いライブデモンストレーションは教育効果が高いと考えられ、CCTのComplex lesion を主体としたライブデモンストレーションではより多くの情報を提供できると考えられます。




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