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January 18, 2022

シンガポールにて開催される Singapore LIVE 2022 online会期中の1月21日(金)13:00-13:55(日本時間)に "Optimal PCI for Left Main Trunk Lesion in CKD (Hemodialysis) Patients"セッションをオンライン開催いたします。無料参加登録にて視聴いただけますので、皆様のご参加をお待ち申し上げております。

CCT will hold "Optimal PCI for Left Main Trunk Lesion in CKD (Hemodialysis) Patients" session online on Friday, January 21 during Singapore LIVE 2022 online, which will be held at Singapore. You are able to watch the session by free registration to the meeting. We are waiting for your active participation.

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Optimal PCI for Left Main Trunk Lesion in CKD (Hemodialysis) Patients
In Collaboration with Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics

Date & Time: Friday, January 21 12:00-12:55SGT (13:00-13:55JST / 4:00-4:55UTC)

Channel: TRACK 2

Session Objectives:
To know the outcome of DES for LMT lesion with hemodialysis patients in Japan.
To understand the appropriate use of imaging devices for Left Main Interventions in CKD Patients.
To recognize the usefulness the debulking devices for optimal result for Left Main Interventions in CKD Patients.

Chairs: Atsunori Okamura, Soo Teik Lim
Panelists: Maoto Habara, Yoshihisa Kinoshita, Tomoko Kobayashi, Sidney Lo, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Orazbek Sakhov
Chat Moderator: Jiang Ming Fam
  Outcomes of DES implantation for LMT lesions in hemodialysis patients Hiroyuki Tanaka
  Role of imaging modalities to achieve optimal results Tomoko Kobayashi
  Role of debulking devices (Rota, OAS) to achieve optimal results Yoshihisa Kinoshita
  Panel discussion and conclusions Soo Teik Lim

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