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Nov. 2, 2012
CTO (1)
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
3 Omar M. Saleh Hassan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Retrograde approach to a Chronic Total Occlusion in patient on ECMO support after recent myocardial infarction
17 Tadashi Yamamoto Hokkaido Cardiovascular Hospital, Japan PCI for chronic total occlusion of LAD#7 was peformed by Ante-Retrograde technique
27 Jutaro Yamada Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan A case of retrograde PCI to stent occluded LCX?Rendezvous technique of retro-wire and ante-Corsair?
30 Mikio Kishi NTT Medical Center Tokyo, Japan Successful PCI for LAD total occlusion to control electrical storm
33 Masaki Tanabe Dai-ni Okamoto General Hospital, Japan A retrograde PCI-CTO of the proximal LCX via a bridge collateral intra left atrium
62 Yoshiki Uehara Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center, Japan A Case of CTO treated with Retrograde Approach followed by Reverse-Wire Technique.
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
15 Shingo Kaneko Saiseikai Saijo Hospital, Japan A diabetes case of double vessel AMI with other 1 severe stenotic vessel
23 Chung-pin Liu Yuan's General Hospital, Taiwan Treatment dilemma of a patient of acute coronary syndrome with an ectatic coronary artery
24 Yoshinori Shimooka Hokushinkai Megumino Hospital, Japan A case of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) due to neointimal plaque rupture six after Sirolmus eluting stent (SES) implantation
42 Afzalur Rahman National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Bangladesh How should I treat a ACS patient with melena 9 yrs. after CABG!!!
57 Hirotsugu Mihara Yokkaichi Municipal Hospital, Japan A successful cardiopulmonary resuscitated case, who received multivessel coronary intervention including 2 vessel CTO with severe LV systolic dysfunction
65 Tomohisa Nakamura National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan Successful recanalization with manual aspiration thrombectomy in a patient with acute myocardial infarction due to massive thrombotic occlusion of ectatic RCA
72 Hitoshi Kamiunten Oita Prefectural Hospital, Japan Simultaneous revascularization for a patient with 3-vessel disease who presented with cardiogenic shock
75 Byoungho Kim Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital, Korea ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction related to ascending aortic dissection
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
6 Kitigon Vichairuangthum Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Medical College
and Vajira Hospital, Thailand
Total occlusion at ostial Left internal mammary graft with successful angioplasty and longterm patency result
9 Yue Li The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, China A case of stent loss during Percutaneous Coronary Intervention procedure using the “Buddy-in-Jail” technique
45 Yutaka Tadano Kotoh Memorial Hospital, Japan PCI of severe stenosis near the spindle shape aneurysm
52 Kyun Hee Kim Kyungpook National University Hospital, Korea Accordion Phenomenon after balloon dilatation in Tortuous Coronary Artery: A case report
61 Issei Ishida Nishiarai Heart Center Hospital, Japan A case of FFR-guided coronary intervention to previous myocardial infarct area
63 Ko Takesue Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital, Japan A case of percutaneous transmural pulmonary valvuloplasty for severe pulmonary stenosis with atrial septal defect in a elderly patient
66 Kohei Muguruma Sakakibara Heart Institute, Japan Impact of urgent balloon aortic valvuloplasty with percutaneous coronary intervention for anteroseptal ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction complicated with severe aortic valve stenosis; Report of a case
67 Takahiro Tokuda Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital, Japan NSTEMIに対するNobori stent留置後にLate stent thrombosisを生じ、緊急再治療をするも同部にacute occlusionを生じた一例
71 Se Yong Jang Kyungpook National University Hospital, Korea Delayed presentation of coronary intramural hematoma after coronary stenting: A case report
CTO (2)
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
10 Teh-Kuang Sun Chia-yi Hospital, Taiwan PCI for chronic total occlusion of LCX with abormal ostial anatomy with aid of 64 multi-detector cardiac CT scan
43 Keita Yamamoto Omihachiman Community Medical Center, Japan A tough case of RCA bifurcation CTO with an extremely hard distal fibrous cap requiring redoing PCI by retrograde approach
48 Kiyoshi Hironaga Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital, Japan A successful CTO PCI for the long occlusion length on the RCA with bilateral approach
50 Toyokazu Uwatoku Fukuoka City Hospital, Japan The Unsuccessful CTO PCI for LAD with bilateral approach.
51 Wataru Nagamatsu Hokusetsu General Hospital, Japan A difficult CTO case about crossing devices, after antegrade wiring
60 Kapardhi Lakshmi Narasimha Pannala Apollo Hospitals, India PCI OF LAD CTO- Unusual phenomenon (No flow phenomena & Collateral VasoSpasm)
Nov. 3, 2012
CTO (3)
38 Surya Prakasa Rao Vithala Apollo Hospitals, India Side Branch Wire And New Gaia For Parallel Wire Technique ・Antegrade CTO Intervention
41 Masayuki Sakurai Hata Hospital, Japan A CTO case which was difficult to selection of septal channel
69 Shingo Yoshioka Nagoya Tokushukai General Hospital, Japan Minimum contrast retrograde PCI for RCA-CTO
77 Feng Yu Kuo Veterans General Hosptial, Taiwan Persisted coronary perforation after serial successful graft stenting
78 Hiroyuki Kunii Fukushima Medical University, Japan A case of successful bailing out from coronary perforation complicated with PCI for RCA-CTO.
80 Hiroki Watanabe Nagoya Tokusyukai General Hospital, Japan Successful Antegrade PCI For LAD-CTO Using Reverse Wire Technique
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
5 Amr Abdalla Hassan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Retrograde approach to recanalyse an anterior tibial CTO.
13 Su Hong Kim Busan Veterans Hospital. Korea Veterans Health Service, Korea Disasterous Intervention for ISR CTO of Right SFA
26 Hiromasa Katoh Yokohama Sakae Kyosai Hospital, Japan A Case of Progressive Celiac Trunk Dissection Successfully Treated with Endovascular Therapy
34 Akihiro Higashimori Kishiwada Tokushukai Hopital, Japan Stent implantation for chronic total occlusion in the iliac artery using intravascular ultrasound guided-carbon dioxide angiography without iodinated contrast medium
35 Tetsuo Horimatsu Kawasaki Hospital, Japan Endovascular Treatment with Coronary Intervention Techniques for Left Anterior Tibial Artery Long-Segment Total Occlusion
39 Keisuke Fukuda Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital, Japan Covered stent implantation for the treatment of a brachiocephalic artery pseudoaneurysm after total aortic arch replacement
68 Ryoji Koshida Tokeidai Memorial Hospital, Japan A case report: Renal stent dislodgement and crash it in common iliac artery
74 Yoshiaki Shintani Shin-Koga Hospital, Japan Successful intraluminal stenting outside the subintimal stent chronic total occlusion in the common iliac artery
Left Main Trunk
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
8 Ryota Uemura Saitama Eastern Cardiovascular Center, Japan A case of rotational atherectomy + DES implantion for LMT severe calcified lesion
21 Chih Juan Fang Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Management of Cardiogenic shock in Left main disease
25 Wael Ahmed Shoaab Chung Gang Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Ostial Left Main Stenting
31 Wen-Hsiung Lin Mackay Memorial Hopsital, Taitung branch A Rare Case of Myocardial Bridge
32 Shozo Ishihara Mimihara General Hospital, Japan A bailed out case of PCI for spiral dissection of LMT and LCA
53 Yoshihiro Takeda Rinku General Medical Center, Japan Left main stenting-as a bridge to surgery-for acute type A aortic
dissection and VF storm
59 Teeranan Angkananard Srinakharinwiroth University, Thailand Unawareness left main dissection.
Calcification & Bifurcation
Reg. No. Name Institution Case Title
18 Yuzo Kagawa Akane Foundation Tuchiya General Hospital, Japan A case of Stent Ablation in left anterior descending coronary artery observed by Optical Coherence Tomography
29 Yasutaka Shirasaki Kuki General Hospital, Japan A case with sever tortuous and calcified 3-vessel plus LMT disease treated by PCI using a SCORE FLEX balloon and drug-eluting stent delivered with inner guide catheter system
70 Akinori Sumiyoshi Sakurabashi-Watanabe Hospital, Japan Successful Removal of an Entrapped Rotablator Burr with Thrombus Aspiration Catheter
22 Max Woo Chi-Mei Hospital, Liouying branch, Taiwan Rotational ablation for a protruding stent from the ramus branch which compromised the ostium of LCX.
40 Hiroshi Kanoh Kamagaya General Hospital, Japan A case of Y-stent using a technique of balloon and stent dilation at the same time to protect side branch
79 Chengxiang Li Fourth Military Medical Universty, China Balloon dilation over jailed wire to rescue occluded side branch after stent implantation in main branch
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