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New in CCT2012

CCT Broadcasting Station
-Delve deeper into CCT Live Case Transmission-

Dates: November 2 - 4, 2012

Venue: Kobe International Exhibition Hall 3

In this exciting new session, the CCT Supervisory Directors will analyze live cases through and through until they can draw a satisfactory conclusion of case treatment. The supervisory directors will not only examine the finished cases, but also compare and discuss strategies for the coming cases. Therefore, the session will be held at an independent hall exclusively prepared for the session in order to delve deeper into the live cases without worries of timing.

This session is a great opportunity for all attendees to know PCI masters' tips and tricks, and to learn and improve skill and knowledge of PCI, since attendees are also welcome to join the discussion. We look forward to your active participation.

*On-line streaming of the program will be available for attendees of CCT2012.

*This program will be held in Japanese. Questions by English will be accepted. In CCT2013, it will be held as an International Session.

CCT2012 で新しく企画いたしましたこのプログラムは、CCT Directors がライブで取り扱われた症例の解説、予定症例のストラテジーについて、参加者を交えて討論するプログラムです。一つの症例を徹底的に掘り下げて討論することが可能なこのプログラムでは、ライブ会場でのディスカッションとは違った知見を得られるものと考えます。皆様の活発なご参加をお待ちしています。

※CCT 参加者の皆様は WEB 配信にてご覧いただくことも可能です。

※Japanese session ですが、英語での質疑応答は可能です。CCT2013 では、Internatinal Session として開催を予定しております。


Final Program(PDF)

Update: Oct. 26, 2012

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