Course Objectives

As the CCT2021 Representative Coronary Course Director, I would like to deliver a message.

COVID-19 pandemic which has started from the end of 2019 is spreading worldwide, and it is a common knowledge that a great number of casualties has been counted to date. By considering this COVID-19 pandemic situation, CCT2020, which was to be held in 2020, has been cancelled, but this does not mean that the patients who need cardiovascular treatments are decreasing. Therefore, we recognize that it is important to continue and spread improvement of cardiovascular treatment techniques and development of devices even under COVID-19 pandemic.

Between 20 years ago, when the first CCT was held, and today, the forerunners who founded CCT have innovated new devices and techniques, also have continued to spread and share them worldwide. For that reason, CCT has grown to be a large-scale live demonstration course which counts more than 5,000 attendees. However, it is impossible to gather such a large number of people in one place in present situation of COVID-19 pandemic. By this means, we have decided to hold CCT2021 as a virtual meeting. It is predictable that there will be less presence of live case transmission itself by becoming a virtual meeting, but we recognize this as a great opportunity in passing on devices and treatment techniques, because it will provide increasing opportunities for a lot of people to watch the live course beyond venue walls.

By the watchword of “change” in 2017, CCT organization has accomplished its alternation of generations, and as also a big “change”, we will hold live case transmissions only by webcast this time. We would appreciate that you will actively participate CCT2021 through, since we are making effort for participants to be able to feel the further growing process of CCT.

Junji Yajima
CCT2021 Representative Coronary Course Director

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