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October 30
"ACS (1)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C002 Kitigon Vichairuangthum Safe Heart Center, Chularat 3 Hospital Thailand Cardiogenic shock STEMI patient with total occlusion of LM
C016 Ahm Waliul Islam Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Bangladesh Spontaneous Coronary Dissection of LM-LAD during childbirth
C019 Yueh Hung Lin Mackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. LM bifurcation stenting in ST elevation myocardial infarction
C026 Wei Chun Huang Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Management of acute closure during PCI for LAD functional total occluded lesion
C027 Pak Hei Michael Chan The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong STEMI in coronary ectasia with huge thrombus load
C040 Kei Kawai Yokohama Shintoshi Neurosurgical Hospital Japan The Efficacy of Angioscopy to Determine How to Treat ACS Patients with Coronary Dissection
"Calcified lesion"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C018 Shahab Uddin Talukder Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Bangladesh LM stem dissection by during Elective PCI of calcific LAD and LCX- a nightmare to deal with
C031 Wang Da Jung Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Rotablation for left main unprotective coronary artery and bifurction lesion
C039 Tsung-Lin Yang Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Rotablation for under-expanded stent and vascular calcification in left anterior descending artery
C051 Masaya Higashi Takaoka City Hospital Japan A tough case of dialysis patient successfully treated PCI ; Severely calcified multi-vessel diseases including LMT
C076 Hideo Tsubata Himeji Cardiovascular Center Japan A case of coronary pseudoaneurysm after coronary perforation during stent deployment
"CTO (1)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C001 Kenichiro Shimoji Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital Japan Complete revascularization of 3VD including RCA CTO with retrograde approach
C013 Fa-Chang Yu Mackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Another Element of Retrograde Approach: Tip-in method and retrograde balloon trapping technique
C014 Kensaku Wada Kawachi General Hospital Japan Deformation of everolimus-eluting stent immediately after stenting: A case report
C022 Hideki Nishimura Eiju General Hospital Japan A successful case of severe 3 vessel disease involving LM bifurcation and LAD-CTO
C023 Shingo Kaneko Saiseikai Saijo Hospital Japan Guideliner and EVT-techniques enabled to pass and stent CTO
C025 Mei Mei Lin Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Center Taiwan, R. O. C. Successful revascularization of RCA two long segmental long CTO lesions by parallel wire technique and rotational atherectomy
C028 Ruey-Hsing Chou Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. IVUS guided wiring in PCI: a case of LCX CTO
C045 Masaki Tanabe Dai-ni Okamoto General Hospital Japan The "cutting edge" parallel wire technique against heavy calcified CTO lesion
Name Institution Country Case Title
C030 Hsin-Fu Lee Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Rotational atherectomy with two true bifurcation intervention for a post-CABG patient
C032 Yusuke Fukushima Miyazaki Medical Association Hospital Japan Safety rotational atherectomy of calcified bifurcation lesion using three-stent strategy
C078 Takahiro Mori Kyusyu Medical Center Japan A Case of Successful Treatment with Jailed Balloon Technique for Impending Occlusion of the Obtuse Marginal Branch during Coronary Intervention for the Chronic Total Occlusion lesion in the Left Circumflex Artery
C020 Shams Munwar Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Bangladesh Delayed Stent Thrombosis of covered stent
C029 Chun-Wei Lee Mackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. Difficult decision making for LM trifurcation with Instent Restenosis
C074 Kazuho Kamishima Tokyo Women's Medical University Japan A case of repert restenosis after two type drug-eluting stents implantation and balloon angioplasty by using drug-coating balloon
October 31
"CTO (2)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C033 Min Ku Chon Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital Korea LAD CTO: Retrograde approach with reverse CART technique via an ipsilateral intraseptal collateral using single JL-8Fr guiding catheter
C034 Hiromasa Katoh Yokohama Sakae Kyosai Hospital Japan A case of precedent retrograde approach contributed to less invasive antegrade approach in the percutaneous coronary intervention for the chronic total occlusion of left anterior descending artery
C035 Masaaki Nishihara National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center Japan Successful re-attempt of guide wire advancement into the true lumen in a case of long subintimal penetration of the guide wire in the chronic total occlusion lesion
C036 Kensuke Yokoi Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Japan Successful Tough Chronic Total Occlusion Case with Rare Anatomy of Collateral Channel
C038 Weiting Wang Veteran Government Hospital of Taipei Taiwan, R. O. C. IVUS guided reentry of RCA CTO
C043 Arvind Kumar Kandoria Indira Gandhi Medical College India Successful tackling of CTO in two sittings
C047 Atsuki Fukae National Nagasaki Medicalcenter Japan One case of interesting Reverse CART technique
"ACS (2)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C046 Mohan Mani KMCH Heart Institute India Worst case scenario of 68years old male with subacute stent thrombosis in bioabsorbable vascular scaafold
C050 Satoshi Kawaguchi JA Hokkaido Engaru Kosei General Hospital Japan A case of the effectiveness of Ryusei, perfusion balloon, for very late stent thrombosis
C062 Masashi Fujino National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Japan Infarction at a Distance: A Case of LAD-CTO who Suffered from Anterior Subendocardial Infarction during Inferior STEMI
C072 Tetsuro Kataoka Kagoshima Medical Center, National Hospital Organization Japan A young female case of acute myocardial infarction with quantity of thrombosis derived from plaque rupture of thin-cap fibroatheroma
C075 Hsien-Yuan Chang National Cheng Kung University Hospital Taiwan, R. O. C. An unusual cause of sudden cardiac death: Tumor encasement of left main coronary artery with external compression
"Others (1)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C024 Naofumi Yoshida Ako City Hospital Japan Evaluation of Platelet Reactivity Using P2Y12 Reaction Unit in Acute Coronary Syndrome with Essential Thrombocythemia: A Case Report
C037 Shiv Bagga Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research India Bail out bifurcation strategy for a dislodged stent
C064 Sai Sudhakar Mantravadi Apollo Hospitals Secundrabad India Rare case of primary angioplasty in left main
C052 Feng-Ching Liao Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch Taiwan, R. O. C. What Is The Culprit Lesion?
C060 Isao Aburadani Toyama Prefectural Central Hospital Japan Successful percutaneous revasucularization of totally occluded left internal mammary graft 20 days after coronary artery bypass grafting :a case report
November 1
"CTO (3)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C048 Takahide Kodama Toranomon Hospital Japan Complete re-vascularization for 3 vessel disease which is including 2 vessel chronic total occlusion and LMT lesion
C053 Shozo Ishihara Mimihara General Hospital Japan Retrograde PCI via gastroepiploic artery (GEA) and 2nd stage PCI for RCA chronic total occlusion in a post CABG patient with gastric cancer
C054 Hisao Otsuki Tokyo Women's Medical University Japan A case of RCA CTO successfully treated with "retrograde anchor balloon technique " via gastro-epiproic artery
C056 Junichi Yamaguchi Tokyo Women's Medical Unversity Japan A case of chronic total occlusion with heavy calcification and tortuosity of the right coronary artery with dysdialysis syndrome
C063 Yoshiki Uehara Mito Brain Heart Center Japan A case of in-stent CTO treated with reverese CART technique, rotablation, and drug-coated balloon
C073 Yasuhiro Tarutani Okamura Memorial Hospital Japan A re-attempt case of retrograde PCI for more than 20 years old RCA CTO
C081 Rajesh Vijayvergiya Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research India Anomalous RCA CTO treated with Rota-ablation
"Others (2)"
Name Institution Country Case Title
C055 Min-I Su Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch Taiwan, R. O. C. PCI Complication - Severe coronary dissection of RCA ostium by diagnosed catheter causes no flow and successfully rescue by IVUS
C058 Shinichiro Doi Sakakibara Heart Institute Japan Novel insight into "reverse visual-functional mismatch"in angina pectoris on effort: Report of a case
C065 Tomohiko Sato New Tokyo Hospital Japan Expanded stent migrated from coronary artery was safely implanted at brachial artery
C066 Kuninobu Kashiyama University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan Left atrial thrombus related to the restenosis of bare metal stent (BMS) implanted in left circumflex artery
C077 Masahiro Nishi Omihachiman Community Medical Center Japan Stent dislodgement due to the geographical miss about vessel diameter after the administration of vasodilator against severe coronary spasm
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