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At the CCT2013 held last October, the Peripheral intervention course offered the programs of live demonstrations and other activities, which were independent from the Coronary intervention programs. Fortunately, we had a large number of participants and had active discussions. This year, we will also hold the CCT Peripheral course for 3 days from October 30 through November 1. Just as last year, Kinzo Ueda, Hiroyoshi Yokoi, Shigeru Nakamura, Yusuke Miyashita, Yoshihisa Kinoshita, Hiroshi Ando and Keisuke Hirano have accepted to be the Peripheral Course Directors. We are preparing a variety of programs such as live demonstrations, symposium, Luncheon Seminars, Coffee Break Lectures, Case Competition, Poster Sessions and so on. At present, all sorts of new devices are quietly undergoing clinical studies in Japan, and many of these devices will be available in the practical scene in a few years. In the CCT2014 Peripheral, we also plan to have sessions, which will provide the latest information regarding these new devices.

In the EVT Live Case Transmissions, we have scheduled live broadcasts from two facilities including Toyohashi Heart Center on October 31 and Tokeidai Memorial Hospital on November 1. We very much hope that a high number of physicians will join the CCT2014 Peripheral course.

Kazushi Urasawa
CCT2014 Peripheral Representative Course Director

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