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Thank you very much for your continuous understanding and generous cooperation with CCT.

Last year, CCT was successfully finished by counting over 4,000 attendees from all over the world. We broadcasted live demonstrations from 6 domestic facilities, and performed 29 PCI cases and 13 EVT cases during CTO, EVT and other lesion subset-themed live demonstrations. These cases were mainly reviewed by the hosts at the special session “CCT Live Playback Session” and active discussions were held among hosts, guests and audiences during the session. This was the original attempt of CCT, which won profound popularity as the “CCT Broadcasting Station” two years ago, and it will also be planned as this year’s special program.

Other than CTO, this year’s live demonstrations intend to broadcast the most challenging lesions such as LMT, Bifurcation, Ostial and Calcification. The highlights of the live demonstrations at CCT are to show how to create a treatment strategy, how to tackle with an unexpected situation as an expert, and how to overcome the situation in order to obtain the best result against complex lesions. This is also a mission of CCT.

On the other hand, during times of focus on the latest treatment approaches, we are preparing to adopt new treatments such as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) approved last year, the return of Directional Coronary Atherectomy (DCA) as a new device expected to go on the market in the future, and Drug Eluting Balloon (DEB) that has been applied from April, 2014. In addition, we will put an emphasis on imaging this year. These days, imaging modalities are essential elements since information gained from a variety of images will decide the right treatment strategy and generate the best result.

By sharing the current situation and the latest knowledge of cardiology, mainly of catheter interventions, we hope the meeting will offer a place for physicians who try to improve their skills every day to solve their issues and find new ones. We promise to provide opportunities for everyone attending CCT to learn from their own standpoint. In closing, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for all people involved and ask for your cooperation for the success of this meeting.

Eisho Kyo
CCT2014 Representative Supervisory Director

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