CCT2017 Peripheral will be held at Kobe International Exhibition Hall for 3 days from Thursday, October 26 to Saturday, October 28, 2017. Dr. Hiroyoshi Yokoi, Dr. Shigeru Nakamura, Dr. Yusuke Miyashita, Dr. Yoshihisa Kinoshita, Dr. Hiroshi Ando, Dr. Keisuke Hirano, Dr. Takuyuki Komoda and Dr. Kazushi Urasawa are in charge as the Peripheral Course Directors. We are preparing a variety of programs such as Live Case Transmissions, Luncheon Seminars, Coffee Break Lectures, My Best Case Competition, My Worst Complication Case Competition, Case Presentations, Poster Sessions, Flash Presentations and so on.

Within the next several years, several new devices are going to be released in Japanese EVT field. In the CCT2017 Peripheral, we would like to focus on these new devices such as debulking device, drug-coating balloon (DCB) and graft stent (already available). CCT Peripheral has had a good relationship with a world leading peripheral live course, LINC. In the up-coming CCT Peripheral, we are planning to have an epoch-making events, LINC@CCT 2017, in which several core members of LINC will present current status of debulking devices, DCB, graft stents and a new woven nitinol stent in EU countries. For the EVT Live Case Transmissions, we are planning to broadcast EVT live from Kasukabe Chuo General Hospital on October 27 and from Tokeidai Memorial Hospital on October 28. We do hope that many interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons and co-medical professionals will join the CCT2017 Peripheral to obtain the latest information of this fascinating field.

Kazushi Urasawa
CCT2017 Representative Peripheral Course Director
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