Structual Heart Diseases
Structual Heart Diseases

This year, CCT SHD course is planned on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at Portopia Hotel in Kobe, Japan.

In the morning, we are going to have lectures on the latest knowledge of the entire SHD treatment. It would include lectures on TAVI and tricuspid valve intervention, which is a new valvular treatment, in addition to Miral clip and LAA closure, which will be introduced into Japan in the future.

In the afternoon, we will focus on Evolut R, approved by health insurance in 2016, a self expanding device which enables safe TAVI procedure for patients with negative anatomical conditions for TAVI such as difficulties in vessel access, calcification, bicuspid valve and narrow annulus.
In the first part “The value of self expanding TAVI device – My experience with Evolut R”, our purpose is to discuss how TAVI treatment options have improved by arrival of the latest self expanding devices by introducing cases.
In the second part, we have planned a hands-on session of Evolut R. You are able to feel excellence of this device by touching Evolut R and experiencing implantations in a 3D heart model and a simulator in practice.

We are looking forward to your active participation to the course.

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